clayholio (clayholio) wrote,

Time Sink and Etcetera

As I'm sitting here eavesdropping and sipping my sugar water (is it really eavesdropping if someone runs their mouth almost non-stop at an elevated volume for an hour and a half?), it occurs to me that being a teacher must be about the worst job in the world. It's one thing to have to deal with disinterested or otherwise distracted students, but to have to deal with their parents too? I guess I've become a lot less tolerant recently of people who want to tell you about every problem in the world, but don't have any solutions (or aren't willing to work to fix them). Instead of nitpicking over punctuation examples in an English workbook, maybe find a better book and then try to find funding to pay for the replacements. Be proactive! If something is worth enough of your attention to complain about, then it's worth enough of your time to fix. If it's not worth your time to fix, then please stop eating everyone's time with your whining. If you can identify a problem, and deliver a solution to those that are in charge of such things, you will magically become a Person Who Gets Things Done. And that's a good kind of person to be. *****
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